We are Ekistics Plan + Design and Form:Media

Our integrated team of planners and designers offer a wider perspective on placemaking than most traditional single-purpose design firms. We employ the knowledge of many as a 'design collective' to look at every problem from a wide perspective, offering non-traditional solutions and creativity that originates from deep collaboration.

Collaborative design is the under-pinning of our purpose; whether its working internally with a diverse team of design professionals, or externally with communities, client groups, other designers or indirect stakeholders. Our process is rooted in activating synergies to ensure the final solution is democratic in its approach, builds consensus amongst stakeholders, and engages the widest possible audience.

We believe that truly meaningful and impactful design is best realized by harnessing the ideas, aspirations and enthusiasm of many. In this way, the best ideas always win out. We have built our entire practice around the collaborative design approach and we look forward to sharing your ideas to resolve your particular placemaking challenge.