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A loyalist community

In consideration of the challenges presented, we proposed a sequence of four components to help encourage visitors to visit the town centre and clarify their directional route. The system thus far consists of a community identification sign located along the 100-series highway to identify an appropriate exit; enticement signage in the form of banners; a gateway sign that includes directional information; and assurance signs to lead visitors to the downtown and historic waterfront districts.

Future projects may seek to integrate with, or complement this system by introducing parking directional information, pedestrian oriented wayfinding, and or interpretive elements




place brand, wayfinding


    Town of Shelburne




    Shelburne, Nova Scotia


    1,686 (2011)

    We have been receiving a great many positive comments and look forward to the [full] spring roll out
    — Darren Shupe, Manager of Community and Economic Development


    Photo credits (from top): banner, © Wally Hayes, courtesy of Tourism Nova Scotia; all others, © John deWolf, Form:Media.