Healthy building design 

A complex urban site that included registered heritage buildings along a heritage streetscape.  The urban design strategy was to restore and setback from the heritage buildings while providing a mixed-use building design that capitalizes on the downtown location with density and a variety of building uses. Ground-floor retail is supported by a landscaped streetscape that provides amenities like benches, public art and plantings. 

Through the study of the Halifax Citadel, a tower form was derived based on analysis of the citadel’s ravelins. Designed to maximize defensive view planes to the harbour, these ravelin forms are now used to increase natural daylighting, cross ventilation and southern views to the harbour.


2016 - public engagement 


architecture, landscape architecture, planning



    Dexel Developments


    Halifax, Nova Scotia

    This process was inspiring for not only me but my entire team. The public engagement process has brought forth so many ideas for this development that I cannot imagine building something of this importance without public engagement. … This development is now better and stronger with the help of the public. Although, this is a private development, it is for the publics’ future, it is for the people of Halifax to use daily. I believe now we are better equipped with the right tools and partners to start taking the next steps to make this project a reality.
    — Louie Lawen, Dexel Developments

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