Master Planning

A master plan is both the vision and the guide to ensure the future success of a neighborhood, community, or region. We help organizations, communities, and businesses envision their potential through understanding, and capitalizing on, a site’s complex relationships which include topography, soils, hydrology, ecology, land ownership, orientation, transportation, and market. We work closely with our clients to identify desired outcomes and develop policies that reflect their core values. Through collaborating with our internal team of landscape architects and architects, we assess areas for development and together create a comprehensive plan that will ensure positive and sustainable growth. 


Interpretive Planning

Interpretive planning and design is about discovering what is important about a topic, deciding what stories to tell, and how best to tell them. Interpretive planning focusses on the visitor experience. The goal is to inform, connect, challenge, provoke, even to entertain. Our projects vary in scope and scale, from individual exhibits to entire museums and interpretative centres. Interpretation is much more than delivering facts to the visitor in museum or gallery—interpretative experiences can be landscapes, trails, cities, or events. Any place where we can ask: What do we want people to feel? To learn? To know? is an opportunity for an interpretive experience.