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Creating the neighborhood

Ekistics was commissioned to design a mixed-use residential project on the corner of Pepperell St. and Robie St in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The building massing was developed to transition from the large-scale building context of Quinpool Road into what are primarily single-family residential neighborhoods to the south and west. The primary density is located to the north-eastern corner of the site to allow for a southern exposure to the internal courtyard.  

The building steps down to walk-up townhouse units along the two bordering residential streets to integrate and activate the neighborhood streetscape. The corner has a double-height commercial space to create a neighborhood anchor and interesting corner address to the building.

The use of human-scaled materials, formal articulation, and strategic massing resulted in a building that reinforces and improves the neighborhood character. 


2015 (strategy)


Architecture, urbanism, landscape architecture



    Dexel Developments




    Halifax, Nova Scotia

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