Canadiana Camper

Planning for the next two visitor seasons and beyond, Parks Canada developed a plan to mobilize its visitor counselling services within Cape Breton Highlands National Park during a critical period of infrastructure projects which will ultimately impact visitor travels. Part of the solution included a mobile kiosk to allow the visitor services and interpretation teams to connect with visitors throughout the park, especially during areas of increased road and bridge construction as the park rolls out $20 million worth of infrastructure projects.

Our solution draws upon the visual language of camping to generate a visually engaging kiosk that will not only draw attention but will also feel at home within the Cape Breton Highlands National Park setting. Referencing the construction techniques of strip-built canoes to generate a familiar camper form. The construction of the camper employs a hermetically-sealed approach similar to camper construction. The cedar-strip building technique will be a huge attraction in itself.


2016 (design-build)


branding, graphic design, architecture


    Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Parks Canada





    Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Nova Scotia


    Fabrication: Tekton Design + Build; Lunenburg Boat Works; Hearts Inspired Furniture; Linkletter's Welding Ltd.