Welcome Sandra Cooke

Sandra Cooke, Senior Landscape Architect

Cooke is a landscape architect with nearly 10 years of experience in the Toronto area. Sandra brings experience in public, private, and academic sectors, having worked for the award-winning Toronto landscape architecture firm, Janet Rosenberg & Studio, and for federal Crown corporations Parc Downsview Park Inc. and Canada Lands Company. 

Sandra’s keen design sensibilities are paired with effective project management skills and an excellent track record of delivering complex, multi-million dollar projects on time and within budget; many with stringent timelines and multiple stakeholders. As a result of her involvement in all phases and aspects of projects, she is well-versed and experienced in the many pieces that need to come together to make a project successful, from concept design, to stakeholder and public engagement, working drawings, permits and approvals, and contract administration. 

Sandra’s practice has mainly focussed on medium to large-scaled parks and public spaces in urban areas, most recently Downsview Park, a sustainable 300+ acre park surrounded by 5 new mixed-use neighbouhrood developments in the north-west part of Toronto. As project manager at Downsview, Sandra oversaw and coordinated the activities of multi-disciplinary teams in the design and construction of various projects related to both the park and the neighbourhood developments. 

Sandra is interested in the design of landscapes that improve both the quality of life of their users, and the ecological condition of the site. She believes in fostering the social, ecological, and economic relationships that can emerge between these landscapes and their urban surroundings.