Form: Media & Ekistics project featured in Canadian Interiors

The November/December issues of Canadian Interiors magazine features a story about the work by Form: Media and Ekistics for the Delmore ‘Buddy’ Daye Learning Institute in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The Delmore “Buddy” Daye Learning Institute (DBDLI) is an Africentric-based organization that focuses on curriculum and education for learners of African ancestry in Nova Scotia. Ekistics Planning and Design and Form:Media helped to create a welcoming environment for the community, and a workplace and educational workshop and that relates directly to their African roots. From concept through construction administration, the teams developed the interior architecture, and branded environment.

open office-077.jpg

The core idea for the project—from architecture to signage—was based on Adinkra printing blocks, which drove most every design decision, from architecture to signage, from material to finish. Whether offices seemingly cut from large volumes, or custom symbols carved from wood blocks, the Adinkra provided the basis for all decisions.

open office-126.jpg

The online article can be found here.

Ekistics Plan + Design wins Atlantic Planners Institute Award for Argyle & Grafton Streetscapes

In October 2018, Ekistics Plan + Design was honoured with an award for Excellence in Planning, Physical Plans & Design, from the Atlantic Planners Institute for our work on the Argyle and Grafton Shared Streetscapes Project.


The project reaffirms Argyle and Grafton as Halifax’s signature streets, on par with the city's bustling waterfront as a place that draws in residents and visitors to eat, drink and relax. As the first shared street design in Atlantic Canada, the project tested construction methods, materials, and roadway operations previously not established in the region. With a holistic planning approach, Ekistics combined placemaking and urban design with engineering and construction management expertise to shift focus away from the car, to create a people-focused public open space in the public right-of way that supports the vitality of downtown.


Form: Media wins in Best of Canada's Sign Industry Awards

Best of Canada’s Sign Industry Awards 

On Friday, September 21, 2018, the Sign Association of Canada held a gala event to honour and celebrate the Canadian sign industry. The event provided an opportunity for SAC/ACE to announce the winners of their Best of Canada’s Sign Industry (BOCSI) competition. 

Form:Media of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada entered two projects, and both were recognized with BOCSIes! Their interpretive program for Fort Needham Memorial Park tied as a finalist in the Unique Signs category. A branded environment and interior signage system for the Delmore “Buddy” Daye Learning Institute was the finalist for the Sign Systems Category, and was honoured with Best in Show.

Fort Needham Memorial Park

Re-opened on December 6, 2017, the Fort Needham Memorial Park commemorates the 1917 Halifax Explosion. When two ships collided in the harbour, this maritime disaster generated the largest man-made explosion prior to the Atomic Age. The project entails memorial and interpretive elements to better present the Explosion story to residents and visitors, and park upgrades to prepare the site for the anniversary event.

Design: Ekistcs Planning & Design and Form-Media in Consortium; sub-consultants: Elected Engineering, DesignPoint Engineering; and Light Energy Production; General Contractor: Turfmasters; Metal work: ACE Machining, and Steel Arts. 

Delmore “Buddy” Daye Learning Institute

The Delmore “Buddy” Daye Learning Institute (DBDLI) was founded to ensure an Africentric approach to African Nova Scotian/African Canadian education. As an Africentric-based institute that focuses on educational excellence, the DBDLI assists learners of African ancestry in Nova Scotia, identifying and addressing the gaps and educational equity issues through research, publications and educational resources. This new offices serves as a office space for staff, and a community outreach centre. 

Design: Ekistics Planning & Design and Form-Media in Consortium; General Contractor: Avondale; Signage: Eye Candy Ltd.


About the Awards

The Best Of Canada’s Sign Industry Awards honour the top work of sign companies and related organizations across the country, with winners selected by an expert panel of independent judges. The awards program is jointly managed by Sign Media Canada and Sign Association of Canada.

Form:Media wins Applied Arts 2018 Community Design Awards

Form:Media has won Applied Arts Community Design Awards for two very different projects — a rebrand for a provincial regulatory body, and a unique urban memorial to a devastating explosion.

Accredited, accountable, and attentive were the pillars the Nova Scotia Association of Architects (NSAA) wanted their new brand to express, countering the perception of architects as impractical or unnecessary. The logotype features a simplified letter “A" paired with alliterative positive attributes, like "accomplished" and "approachable." A brand video succinctly introduced the concept to the association's membership, and the visual identity has been rolled out across web, signage and print collateral.

NSAA for GDC2.jpg
NSAA for GDC4.jpg
NSAA for GDC3.jpg

The challenge of the Fort Needham Park was entirely different — memorializing the 1917 Halifax Explosion, a catastrophe that killed thousands of people. Forgoing traditional interpretive panels, Form:Media worked with our landscape architect colleagues to incorporate the story into the landscape: stairs, walls, benches and walkways. The result is an interpretive landscape that tells the story of a defining moment in the city's history, while remaining a cherished neighbourhood park.

Ship Wall - Bench Detail.jpg
Vince Coleman - Last Transmission.jpg

The 2018 Applied Arts Community Design Awards recognize design aimed at specific urban or provincial markets, across Canada.

Batoche in DETAIL

Batoche in DETAIL

DETAIL magazine is an issue based publication devoted to a specific constructional theme and provides a comprehensive treatment of the subject. For many professionals, DETAIL is one of the world's most influential architectural publications. Imagine our excitement when we were asked to contribute our work for Batoche to the online database.

Batoche: 2017 AZ Awards finalist

Batoche: 2017 AZ Awards finalist

We are thrilled to announce that our work for Batoche National Historic Site has been selected as a finalist in the Experiential Graphic Design category of AZURE magazine’s 2017 AZ Awards. The project is among the 70 finalists chosen from over 800 entries arriving from 41 countries. This is an accomplishment we are most proud of.

The following is a link to the People’s Choice Awards []. Take a look at our work for Batoche, as well as another Nova Scotia designer, Omar Ghandi.

We look forward to meeting the other finalists at the AZ Awards Gala in Toronto on Friday, June 23, at Toronto's Evergreen Brick Works. This year, Architect Massimiliano Fuksas as the 2017 AZ Awards will be the guest of honour, and will speak about his work, inspiration and process.

Storyboard on the landscape

Storyboard on the landscape

Our architecture and landscape project at Batoche National Historic Site in Saskatchewan continues to receive attention, this time from the influential [ArchDaily] web site. 

Just in time for the Canada 150 celebrations, our work at Batoche tells the story of the Métis, one of Canada's indigenous cultures. Batoche is the heartland of the Métis nation; the physical, cultural, and political home of the Métis people. 


AZURE writes about Batoche

AZURE writes about Batoche

Recently, AZURE Magazine wrote an article about an interactive, outdoor interpretive interpretive environment developed for Batoche National Historic Site (Parks Canada), in Saskatchewan, Canada. For Form:Media and sister company Ekistics Planning & Design, this project is an example of the seamless collaborative effort of interpretive planners, architects, landscape architects, and graphic designers working together to interpret an important cultural landscape.

Ekistics and Form:Media in Landscapes/Paysage

Ekistics and Form:Media in Landscapes/Paysage

Ekistics and Form:Media were well represented in the Fall 2016 issue of Landscapes-Paysages, the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects’ (CSLA) quarterly publication. The theme of this issue was ‘Time’—a matter that informs all of our projects, whether we’re investigating and interpreting a site’s history; considering the physical effects of time on the landscape; programming a site and understanding how a space will be perceived at different times of day or over the course of the year.

Rob LeBlanc, John DeWolf and Sandra Cooke have each contributed an article to the issue, which can be viewed here.