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Stories by the Sea

The Town of Marystown, on Newfoundland’s Burin Peninsula, was home to one of the province’s most unusual cultural sites: Jerome Walsh’s Museum. Created by the fisherman-turned-storyteller Jerome Walsh, the museum was a converted fishing shed, home to his eclectic collection of memorabilia.

After his death, however, the museum fell on hard times, and the tiny oceanside structure was in danger of falling into the sea. The challenge was to honor Jerome’s legacy and continue his work, without the larger-than-life personality of Jerome himself being present.

Our solution was to design a new flexible space for programming and interpretation, injecting Jerome’s love of the fishing life and passion for storytelling into a modern, signature site on beautiful Little Bay. With only a tiny site to work with, every square foot had to work as both public area and interpretive space, with support for both live events and conventional exhibits. 

We also worked with the town’s other museum, the Marystown Heritage Museum, to upgrade their visitor experience and build links between the town’s two foremost cultural sites.

We opted for a design that referenced Jerome and his museum rather than reconstructing the existing building.  The result was a conceptual plan that drew on the skills of our architecture, landscape architecture and interpretive design teams to develop a vision for a must-see attraction.


2016-17 design


architecture, landscape, exhibition strategy


    Marystown Heritage Museum


    Marystown, Newfoundland

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