We are not simply an architecture practice; we are strategists, designers, storytellers, and more. Chris Crawford, head of the architecture division, explains. “Under one roof you will find architects working side by side with planners, urban designers, landscape architects, graphic designers, engineers—and our clients. That makes for a very powerful collaborative environment.” 


A brand is the sum of the feelings that people associate with your organization, services, and products. As designers, we shape these feelings. Our team of strategists, designers, and writers create products that represent clearly who organizations are and how they would like to be perceived. Our architects and interior designers manipulate light, sound and texture. Our wayfinding team creates environments that people trust and enjoy. For us, brands don't live on pages: they live in a world of space and sensation.

Brand development

Branded Environments

Branded Wayfinding

Interpretive planning and design is about discovering what is important about a topic, deciding what stories to tell, and how best to tell them. Interpretive planning focusses on the visitor experience. The goal is to inform, connect, challenge, provoke, even to entertain. Our projects vary in scope and scale, from individual exhibits to entire museums and interpretative centres. Interpretation is much more than delivering facts to the visitor in museum or gallery—interpretative experiences can be landscapes, trails, cities, or events. Any place where we can ask: What do we want people to feel? To learn? To know? is an opportunity for an interpretive experience.



A spirit of place is at the heart of all good landscape architecture and urban planning. Every exceptional site design starts with a thorough understanding of the context of place including social conditions, the ecological setting, the site’s political context, its history and the needs of the client. At Ekistics, our work ranges from the design of an entire city or region — as we’ve done in Morocco, Libya, China and Tanzania — to the design of small urban parks or playgrounds, and everything in between. Sometimes we design with drawings, sometimes we paint a future with words, sometimes it’s done with CAD, 3D or virtual reality; but always, we focus on what is needed to create a unique sense of place for every project.

Urban environments and streetscapes

Parks, trails, and open space

Sports and recreation

Digital technology opens new doors for creating interpretive experience—but how can we avoid just replicating printed materials on glowing screens? With a smartphone in every visitor’s pocket, how do we get them to pay attention to another screen? When Form:Media works in the digital world, we use the same approach as when we work in the physical world. We ask: what is it we want the user to learn? To feel? To do? For us, digital projects don’t exist in isolation. They are part of larger stories—brand stories, place-making, interpretation nature and society. 

Interaction Design




A master plan is like a map. We help organizations, communities, and businesses to identify a desired outcome and blaze a trail to that goal. We work with communities to ensure that policies and visions reflect their values and concerns. We work with our landscape architecture colleagues to assess areas for development. We work with clients to examine sites, looking at slope, soils, hydrology, vegetation, land ownership, and orientation. Together, landscape architecture and urban planning constitute a powerful force for shaping the future of our communities. 


Site Planning

Engineering is a largely invisible profession, though it plays an essential role in practically everything we do–from drinking a glass of tap water, to safely driving to the airport and flying across the world, to constructing amazing buildings. Engineering is everywhere, yet rarely do you ever have to think about the science in our daily lives. That is the mark of good engineering solutions. At Ekistics, we apply the art of engineering to create solutions.