Site as Stage 

Halifax Regional Municipality chose Ekistics Planning + Design to design a master plan for the park’s revitalization and prepare construction drawings for the first phase of redevelopment. Instead of simply refurbishing the space and putting all of the program elements back in their original place, we worked with the site’s topography to reorganize and reorient the space to better accommodate contemporary uses.

Phase One includes the modernization of the southern portion of the park by transforming it into a series of terraces for play, relaxation, and performance. The introduction of continuous granite walls allows for flat lawns and amphitheatre-style seating around a new plaza. This infrastructure also delineates different park zones - such as playgrounds - without the need for traditional fencing which was previously a major obstruction. Continuous bands of LED light will illuminate the base of the walls and give the park a welcoming presence at night. The intent is for the space to host more activities after dark and be the public anchor at the southern gateway to downtown. High-end treatments evoke a sense of permanence and care, solidifying Cornwallis Park as an important public open space in the city, one that is worthy of investment.


2015 (masterplan)
2016 (Ph. 1 design & construciton)
2017 (Ph. 2 design & construction)
2017 (Ph. 3 design)
2018 (Ph. 3 construction)
2018 (Ph. 4 design)


landscape architecture


    Halifax Regional Municipality




    Halifax, Nova Scotia

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