New beginnings

Ekistics Plan + Design was retained to complete design and construction drawings for a lookout at Norris point and trail access to that lookout. Undertaken by Canada Lands Company as part of Canada 150 celebrations, and marking a turning point in the history of the Shannon Park site; a critical moment in the site’s transformation from a former military community in North Dartmouth, NS, to a new, vibrant community whose design is currently underway. 

This project signifies a change in the site; a new use on a site that has not been accessible to the public for several years. It also marks a change in the physical make-up of the site; when the trail is opened, the buildings of the former Shannon Park will be gone, and only remnant infrastructure will remain. Beyond the site, the trail leads visitors to spectacular harbour views, and reveals the rich history of Halifax Harbour, from inidgenous and military heritage, to the Halifax explosion, to today. This project is about tracing history, but also about recognizing the traces that we leave behind on sites as cities grow and change; the stories that a site can tell through landscape, objects, and new views.




landscape architecture, wayfinding, interpretive


    Canada Lands Company



    Halifax, Nova Scotia


    Photos ©Scotty Sherin